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Restaurant Insurance

from Insurance Services Group

Restaurant Insurance

From kitchen fires caused by deep fat fryers, to employee or customer injuries, Insurance Services understands restaurant owners have specific needs when it comes to insurance. With more than 30 years of experience providing insurance coverage in the restaurant industry, we will help customize coverage to meet your individual business needs.

Coverage for Restaurant Owners

Restaurants face a long list of risks every day. While every business is unique, we find that any restaurant should evaluate an insurance policy that covers the following:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Business Property Coverage
  • Business Auto Liability Coverage
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Loss of Income Insurance

Depending on specific conditions, your restaurant may require more specialized coverages. Because we do business directly with more than 30 insurance companies, our professional staff of agents and brokers is able to work together with you in how to address local regulations and legal requirements.

Coverage for Business Vehicles

Purchasing business auto insurance for your restaurant is complicated. For pizza or other restaurants that offer delivery, the options for auto insurance are complex and should be discussed so that we can help you develop a program to minimize risk and deal with the exposures arising from employees driving vehicles(their own or yours) on behalf of the company.

Even restaurants that do not deliver have business auto insurance exposures. We have seen business auto claims occur in a simple model like an espresso stand, where there is no delivery and no business owned autos. Any business that has an employee has this exposure. A quick discussion will help us evaluate your need and we can offer a low cost solution (around $10 per month) to remove this risk to your business.

Special Coverages for Restaurants

Food Borne Illness Coverage – Consumption of contaminated foods is a critical issue, and so are the lawsuits from this exposure. Let’s discuss how this might impact your business and talk about the right way to protect it.

Spoilage Coverage – If there is an extended period of loss of power, perishable items in storage may spoil or render unusable. Having this coverage is critical to protect you against lost revenue resulting from power outrages or breakdown of refrigerators.

Liquor Liability Insurance – Businesses serving alcoholic beverages to customers need to pay attention to the specific rules of this liability in their states. This coverage protects you against damages caused by patrons who consumed too much alcohol at your establishment, and then cause injury or damages to others. Learn more about our bar, tavern and nightclub insurance solutions.

Let’s Get Started

Insurance Services Group is here to help you personalize your restaurant insurance policy to adequately protect you from specific industry risks. We will work to provide you only the necessary products so you don’t pay more than you need to.

Contact us today to get started.