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Back to School Insurance Tips for College Students

SEATTLE, Wash. - It’s that time again – time for students to head back to school. As parents ourselves, we know exactly how busy, exciting, and nerve-racking this time of year can be – especially for those parents with college-aged kids.

Packing to send your young adult to college is one thing – preparing for this time is a whole other. There’s a lot to think about, from moving, to buying books, getting class schedules, to keeping your child safe. One thing you may not think about during all of the excitement and craziness is what this move can mean for your insurance – that’s where we can help. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to tackle the adventure of sending your child to college.

Car Insurance:

  • Leaving the car at home: If your child is not taking their car to college consider asking if an away-at-school discount is available. Some companies offer a price break for college students who attend school away from home. But it’s always a good idea to maintain some coverage so that your child’s car is ready to drive when they come home during school breaks and summer.
  • Car goes to school: If your child is taking their car to college it’s a good idea to let your insurance provider know. An adjustment in price may occur based upon the school’s location and other factors. Many insurers offer a good-student discount if your child gets good grades. We recommend always checking with your account manager to see what the grade threshold is in order to get the discount.

Renters vs. Homeowners Insurance:

  • Renting or Owning: Your child’s living situation and insurance while at college is something to keep in mind. Keeping hem protected at college may vary depending on whether they are living in a house, apartment, or dorm. Talk to your insurance provider to see the best way to handle your child’s living situation.
  • Protect your property: Ensure that your policy covers belongings that will be kept in the home, dorm, or apartment where your child is living at college. Your student will likely take valuables, such as electronics, with them to school. Insurance protection for these devices may cover theft or potential damages.

Health Insurance:

  • Find out whether your health plan covers doctors’ visits while your child is away attending school, and make sure to find healthcare facilities within your network as part of your planning for their time away at college so that your student knows where to go if needed.

Insurance Services Group is happy to help answer any questions you may have about your college-aged student and insurance. Our team of expert agents understands the risks families can face while having a child away at school and what needs to happen to ensure you and your child are properly protected no matter where they may go.