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The '411' On Umbrella Coverage

Umbrellas are handy for a lot more than protecting you from the rain. During a recent visit with our Safeco specialty underwriter we started talking about umbrella coverage. And it got us thinking - Do our clients know what an umbrella policy actually does and why it's so important?


If you own a home, a pet, have a young driver in your family or enjoy traveling abroad - umbrella coverage matters. Really it's our recommendation anyone and everyone has an umbrella policy and here's why - Umbrella coverage provides an extra layer of protection for you and your family that goes beyond what your home and auto policies cover - and usually these policies don't cost a lot. 


If you have questions about umbrella coverage - any one of our team members are happy to talk to you - just call 800.688.7051 and we will help make sure you're covered for whatever life throws your way.