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Borrowing a Car? Make Sure You're Covered

Have you ever driven a friend's car or loaned your car to a family member? How do you know you're covered if something happens when you're NOT the one behind the wheel?

Below is some helpful information every driver should know before borrowing and/or loaning your car:

  • Generally, insurance coverage follows the car, not the driver
  • In most cases as long as the owner of the car has insurance, it's covered even if the owner isn't driving
  • You must have or give permission to borrow a car or loan a car to someone else
  • If you're borrowing a car, your insurance is considered secondary - So, if an accident happens your insurance could kick in if the car owner's insurance doesn't fully cover damage
  • Permission to drive a car must be given by the OWNER. The borrower CANNOT give permission for someone else to drive the car. EXAMPLE: Your teenager borrows your car and let's his/her friend drive it to the store...Your coverage may NOT apply.
  • Coverage could also be denied if your friend is driving your car in a negligent or criminal manner
  • If you have a regular, long-term arrangement to lend a car, the borrower likely should be added to the car owner's personal auto policy.

It’s usually safe to loan your car to a friend or family member for occasional errands. The same goes for borrowing a car – just make sure it’s for ‘normal’ use.

Always feel free to call our office anytime if you have questions.