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Cyber Liability Insurance Matters

It doesn’t take much – just ONE data breach and your entire business, everything you work for, every dollar you earn could be at risk.

We’re seeing it happen with Sony right now. Sure, the entertainment giant isn’t in jeopardy of folding anytime soon but for a small business owner one hacked account could have serious consequences, especially if any client, employee, business practices, or account information is exposed.

Security analysts say just one data breach costs business owners on average more than $5 million!

With so many records and accounts kept online these days it’s more important than ever to put safeguards in place to protect that information – and those safeguards should include cyber liability insurance.

This is the kind of coverage you want in place should your business come under cyber attack.

We’ve put together some information explaining some of the benefits cyber liability insurance offers business owners, Cyber_Liability_Information.pdf. Right now, thousands of employees both current and former, are suing Sony for failing to protect their private information – it’s not a position any business owner wants to find themselves in – especially if there’s coverage available to help protect you.

Insurance Services is happy to answer any questions you may have about cyber liability insurance.

Contact us at (425) 775 - 6446 or send us a note at info [at] InsuranceServicesGroup [dot] com. We want to help you meet your goals, and make sure what's important to you is protected!