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Is Your Home Secure?

No one wants to think their home could get broken into - especially during the holidays. But, it happens. In fact, more than 400,000 residential burglaries occur in the U.S. during the months of November and December every year, according to the FBI. That statistic got us thinking...Is your home secure?

Here are some tips so you and your family don't fall victim:

  • Keep your home locked - Sounds simple, but you'd be surprised how many people leave windows or doors unlocked. Make sure sliding doors and windows have extra security, such as a track lock or dowel.
  • Cameras: Smaller and more inexpensive than ever, cameras can be placed nearly anywhere on the exterior of your home and monitored from inside wirelessly.
  • Lights: Motion-detecting floodlights help deter thieves. Make sure they're installed near entryways, and that they aren't easily reached from the ground. And using timers for interior lights is a good way to give the appearance your home is occupied.
  • Alarms: Vibration alarms are available for windows, alerting you if someone is trying to get in.
  • Don't leave a key outside.
  • Watch the landscaping. Thick shrubs and bushes around your porch or yard can give thieves a good place to hide.
  • Use common sense. If you're going on vacation, cancel your newspaper and other deliveries. Ask a neighbor to keep watch, and park a car out front. Don't post on social media or leave a message on your voicemail indicating you'll be gone. (Information courtesy Safeco Insurance.)

This is also a good time to take stock of what you own. If your home was burglarized, would you know what was missing? A home inventory is a critical tool to help replace everything that was lost. Give us a call if you need help or have a question, 800-688-7051.