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Insurance Credit Ban

Insurance Services Group

Washington’s Insurance Credit Ban

What does it mean for consumers?


In Washington, insurance carriers have used credit scores as a rating factor, legally, for more than 20-years. According to carriers, credit is viewed as one of the most accurate tools for determining a person’s likelihood for future accidents and claims, including severity and frequency. This is changing. Through the use of an emergency rule, created by Washington’s Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, insurance carriers are no longer allowed to include credit as a rating factor, effective June 20th, 2021. 

Commissioner Kreidler invoked this emergency rate structure rule after state lawmakers choose not to act on a bill he proposed during the last legislative session.

In order to comply with this rule, all insurance carriers were required to file new rates excluding credit scores from their rating models. These rates have been approved by the insurance commissioner, and will take effect at a client’s renewal – with some carriers starting as soon as mid-July renewals and beyond. 

What we know:

This rating change affects every insurance carrier writing in Washington and nearly every personal lines policy type - including auto, home, and renters.

Those consumers with good credit will likely see their insurance rates increase due to this rating change. Exactly how much depends on a number of things – but the benefit of having good credit will no longer help offset insurance premiums.

Our promise:

As your insurance advisor, we are actively monitoring what these new rates could mean for you and your insurance at time of your renewal. 

We do no set insurance rates. We understand there may be frustration over these changes and we will work with you to find the very best solution for your individual needs. 

To ensure you are receiving all eligible discounts on your policies, we encourage you to contact your insurance advisor. Click here to fill out a simple contact form and we will have your advisor reach out to you. 

Please understand our team is doing its best to maintain the level of service and care you have come to know and expect. We also know wide spread disruption in the insurance industry such as this, will likely cause higher than usual inquiries and calls. We will do our very best to respond to your inquiry as soon as we can. 

If you have concerns around this emergency rule and rating structure change, we encourage you to contact your local lawmakers. Here is a link to the Washington State Legislative website –

The Coalition for Fair Insurance also created a website for consumers to share stories about how this emergency rule is impacting rates. Visit to submit your feedback and provide input. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for choosing Insurance Services Group to protect the people and things you value the most.