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Earthquake Insurance: The Threat is Real

SEATTLE, Wash. – As the number or people killed, injured, without power and water continues to grow following Japan’s most recent earthquake so too does our concern here in the Pacific Northwest.

Based on a number of reports released over the last few years, we know the threat of a major earthquake striking this region at some point in the next 50 years is very real. Now the question becomes – are you covered?

Trevor Campbell, president of Insurance Services Group, wrote about this exact topic in an article published last year. One of the main points in his article stressed the fact that earthquakes are NOT covered by homeowner insurance policies.

We think this is such an important topic we decided to revisit it. To read our previous blog post about earthquake insurance and what your home insurance does and does not cover, click here.

As your insurance expert we always want to make sure you, your family, and the things you value the most are and continue to be – properly protected.